• What is AvantGarde Ratings doing?

We are acting as a market intelligence platform that provides transparent and sound investment options as well as indices for the cryptocurrency market performance

  • What is a protfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of assets that is managed by a fund manager or the investors themselves with the aim of gaining return and mitigating risk.

  • How do you compile the portfolio?

Our AVG 50 portfolio is a market cap weighted portfolio comprising of 50 cryptocurrencies/tokens. We look at fundamental value drivers from each asset such as trading volume, size, company stability, management and more to decide whether a given token should  be a part of the index. We then weigh each asset according to its total market capitalization contribution before combining the whole number by using our proprietary index divisor.

  • How do you plan to expand?

We intend to become the equivalent of a financial rating agency in the crypto market. Our main goal is to provide indices, rating services and at a later stage a paid market intelligence platform with original analysis reports.

  • Why not buy the underlying assets myself?

The main reason is for your convenience. Furthermore, rebalancing a portfolio is a very complex and time-consuming process which requires thorough due diligence and sophisticated financial, human factor and industry analysis. We simplify this process by doing all the hard work for you and stand behind our product 24/7.

  • How do I profit from this system?

Our token will appreciate in value with the further development of our company and the popularity of our products. We aim to be a global leader in the cryptocurrency rating/market intelligence segments.

Moreover, you can invest in our AVG 50 diversified portfolio to net solid returns and mitigate downsides. Our portfolio is specifically designed to hedge the highly volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market whilst retaining most of the upside swings. It is a great way to “not put all your eggs in one basket” and diversify your stock/bond portfolio with cryptocurrency.

  • How do I participate in the token distribution event?

This information you can find in the How to participate page on our website or you can always seek assistance at contact@avantgarderatings.com and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Do you plan to list on an exchange?

We do plan rapid expansion and listing on reputable exchanges as soon as the distribution event is over. For more information you can check our Roadmap.

  • Are you going to charge any fees in your services?

We will NOT charge any management or withdrawal fees. In the future once we’ve secured funding and can always guarantee stellar quality there will be a small fee for index replication and industry services similar to the profit models of other financial market rating companies. For more information you can always check our Whitepaper.